Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Law of Karma and What the West "needs to know".

There are two reasons many in the West are not familiar with the Law of Karma, and as a consequence of these reasons, their lives are much more difficult than they need to be. So it occurred to me to share what I know about the Law of Karma. Something like a public service, as it were.

Reason number 1: The Law of Karma only makes sense if one understands that ones Soul is an Absolute Energy, since it is an aspect of God, and it cannot therefore die, or be harmed in any way whatsoever. The Christian notion that one only has "one life to live" exists in direct opposition to the reality of "reincarnation", or the simple fact that ones physical body dies only to be reborn in another form, hopefully a human form.

Reason number 2: The vast majority of the population of the West tend to be Left-Hemisphere of the brain oriented, and this substantial mass "naturally" eschews the Esoteric dimensions of Man. The reason for this is that they are not "ready" to awaken to the Esoteric dimensions within themselves and their MINDs prevent them from doing so. And all of this is just part of the "Purpose of Life".*

* If really interested in pursuing the concept of the "Purpose of Life", then look for my soon to be published book: Esochology and The Purpose of Life, published by Publish America.

The Law of Karma is like the idea of death in that it operates perfectly whether or not anyone believes in it or not. The wise person discovers what he can about it.
Basically the Purpose of Life is that each Soul is tasked to completely explore and experience the Creation so as to determine and discover what is possible? For this to make sense one must be introduced to a little known Truth.... that is mostly unknown in the West.

Since the vast majority of the population in the West are Left-Hemisphere (L-H) oriented, they are also subject to more "control" by their MINDs. The reason for this? Because every single living form in Creation is subject to the Law of Karma, and until a Soul has accumulated a substantial amount of "Knowledge" [which means Conscience and Discretion...which only comes from having "completed" a great deal of Karma], that Soul cannot be allowed to operate "freely" in the Creation. This rule [which is fairly solid through the Golden, Silver and Copper ages], is somewhat reduced during the Iron Age, which is the current age in which we find ourselves. Souls are born into these four repeating ages over and over again, since all Souls have been in Creation since it began. The most negative age is the Iron Age, which is called in the East "The Age of Kal" [Kal being the name of the negative power who rules over the lower three regions of Creation].

This Iron Age is perfect for those Souls with desires of an intensely negative nature. The natural negativity of the Iron Age allows those with intensely negative desires to play them out and if devious enough to even seemingly "get away with their actions". But quite unknown to these Souls, there is no action a person can take that is not registered within that persons MIND realm on "MINDLines" whose purpose is to register every thought and action a person has or takes and to place on the opposite side of the MINDLine a Karmic "due bill" that must bring to that person the same action that person has just taken. This "due bill" may come to one in this very life, or in some future life... and that is entirely up to the Law of Karma.

The point here is that no one alludes or escapes ones Karma. Take an action and that action will be taken against oneself.... and this is an Absolute Law. No exceptions.

So, if the reader has comprehended what I have written, the reader now knows what is actually going on in Life [behind the scenes so to speak] that we in the West don't talk about, think about, or even realize. And lacking this basic Knowledge of Life, we suffer greatly because so many of us keep trying to "get even" when what happens to us is "due us" as a consequence of our own actions in the past.

And we simply do not know that every time we "react" to something that happens to us, we create a "new Karmic due bill" and this will come around to bite us in someplace painful or inconvenient. People in the West, so intellectual [which means cut off from accessing the Esoteric dimensions of oneself] .... which means cut off from accessing ones "intuition" [which is the ONLY way to tap ones Knowledge, which allows one to "see" how Karma works] we continue to repeat the same actions over and over again..... and we reap the consequences of these action over and over again. We become angry, upset, filled with hate and resentment, and we are constantly seeking "revenge". We are as far away from the Peace that resides within us as a people can be.

Collectively, at best only a minority of the population can awaken to the reality of the "Law of Karma", but it is in the best interests of this minority that I write this little blog. If you happen to be "ready" to awaken to something of the Esoteric dimensions within yourself, then please give some consideration to what I have written. If you actually comprehend what I have written, then you are "ready" to do so, and this means that you are "ready" to begin applying the Knowledge you have accumulated over many lifetimes. Just pause a moment before engaging in some habitual reaction to the events of this life. Give a moment to realizing that nothing happens to you that is not "due you". So the wise person responds to seeming slights to oneself with Acceptance rather than anger, resentment or revenge. The ONLY way to begin reducing ones Karmic load of lifetimes is to not "react" to each and every thing that happens to one.

I hope this bit of insight into the Law of Karma will be picked up by those who are "ready" to awaken to it. Please realize that the Christian tendency to deny Karma is due to a misinterpretation of the Bible. To continue to deny a Reality is silly, is it not?


Monday, June 1, 2009


Let us begin with the basic understanding that the MIND is not ones brain. Although modern mental health has tried its best to feed this misperception to Americans for over a century, the MIND is not physical and cannot be perceived by the brain... which is physical and limited to what it can perceive to that which is physical.

There is a primary defense mechanism of the MIND that I refer to by the symbol: "DM=SI" or [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity]. The DM=SI is fully non-conscious in its operations and rare is the person who is aware of it operating within himself or herself. Indeed, the modern mental health professional whom I refer to by the symbol "BS&bp" which stands for Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" has been taught to both deny and ignore the Esoteric dimensions within Man. To check this out pick up any book written "about" psychology over the last several years and count the times the author uses the terms brain and MIND interchangeably.

So Man has a brain that is physical and a MIND that is not. And since the brain cannot perceive the subtle energy of the MIND, the MIND can "fool" the brain into "thinking" delusional thoughts which the MIND feeds to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain in order to cause one to "think" what ones MIND wants one to think. And since the brain cannot perceive the subtle energy of the MIND, the brain has no way to differentiate between its own thinking and the thoughts fed to it by the MIND.

To accomplish this remarkable slight of hand ones MIND requires the involvement of another element that is also unknown to BS&bp. This other element I refer to as the "Apapsyche" [Operational Energy of ones Soul]. If interested in knowing more about the Apapsyche, you can click on the term Apapsyche and read all about it, so I won't duplicate that here.

MIND-level thoughts are converted into brain-level thinking by ones Apapsyche, and ones brain thereby has no way of differentiating between its own thinking and the Delusional Thinking fed to it by the DM=SI of ones MIND. The fact that one has no way of knowing that one is being caused to "think" thoughts that are either distorted or dishonest is the reason I use the "SI" or Subtle Insanity as part of the symbol DM=SI. One can actually be caused to believe that which is not true by the Delusional Thinking being fed to ones brain by ones MIND. This is a rather significant bit of Reality that is unknown to most people because BS&bp is in such denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population tend to be Left-Hemisphere of the brain oriented, and are therefore very vulnerable to the propaganda of those who, like themselves, are indoctrinating the youth of the nation with Delusional Thinking. Some of us refer to these people as "Liberals". The Liberal is someone within whose MIND realm are hidden some intense fears of strong emotional energy [Yang energy] which causes this person to fear symbols of power relative to the degree of fear that is repressed within their MIND realms. This ranges from fear of guns to fear of personal responsibility depending upon the nature of the fear and its intensity within such people.

The MIND holds within itself a host of misperceptions taken on at the time of ones birth. The number of these and the level of intensity of fear associated with these is unique to each person, but a majority of people share an intense fear of the repressed misperceptions within their MIND realms. This is not arbitrary of course, but is dependent upon the Fate Karma of those within whom these fears exist.... since ones Fate Karma is how Karma does its thing relative to what one "needs" to experience in this life.

If we imagine Life being represented by a huge step ladder, whose lower rungs are much wider than those above, we can imagine that most Souls are perched upon these lower rungs of the Ladder of Life. A Soul only ascends these rungs as it gains Spiritual Evolution, and Spiritual Evolution comes from gaining Knowledge, and Knowledge comes from completing ones Karma. So most Souls are heavily controlled by their MINDs since they have not as yet "earned" the Knowledge [Conscience and Discretion] that would allow them to act more independently. Those controlled by their MINDs are Left-Hemisphere of the brain oriented since this is the way ones MIND controls ones thoughts, actions and beliefs.

The "Liberal" individual is distinguished from the "Conservative" individual in that the Liberal individual tends to be much more intellectual that the Conservative... while the Conservative is much more open to the faculty of intuition. Intellectualism is an indicator that one is locked into ones Left-Hemisphere, and due to "compensation" the Liberal is gifted with "thinking", while the Conservative is gifted with intuition. Intuition is the ONLY way one can access the Esoteric dimensions within oneself by the way.

Ones Fate Karma is determined at the close of ones last life. At the time of ones death, one is taken to a "Judge", and together this Judge and oneself evaluate ones recent life as to how well one did working through the Karma one laid out for that life. After this evaluation, one is given an opportunity to design a new Fate Karma for ones next life. What is included in this new Fate Karma are any strong desires one might have, any new areas one wishes to explore, and the rest of ones life is "filled-in" with the "stored" Karma one has accumulated over ones lifetimes. Mystics tell us that we create much more Karma in each life than we can hope to address in that life. This extra Karma become "stored Karma".

Of course some people do not "believe" in Karma. And this is perfectly OK, because Karma, like death, does not need ones belief to operate and control ones life. It is better if one seeks to understand the Law of Karma, but it's quite OK to deny it.

The role of the MIND it therefore split between insuring that one absolutely adheres to ones Fate Karma [ones personality is also based on the misperceptions taken on in support of ones Fate Karma] and to insuring that one is limited to discovering only that which supports ones Fate Karma. So the role of ones Fate Karma in life is hugely important.... and BS&bp is in complete denial of this crucial element of life. As a consequence most Americans are really quite ignorant of who and what they are and why they exist?

Those in BS&bp have no idea that they fear the MIND within themselves, but part of the reason they are pulled to their profession is a "secret" desire to learn about themselves. Alas, the only thing they learn is to deny and ignore two-thrids of themselves while increasing their dependence upon the Left-Hemisphere of their brains and thinking. BS&bp dominates the fields of mental health and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" so that few people realize how much damage is being done to the people of America by BS&bp and its denial of two-thirds of Man. Especially the Spirituality of Man.

The MIND operates behind the scenes and rare is the person who realizes that what he thinks is being fed to him by his MIND... and this may or may not be true, honest or even reflective of what he is observing outside of himself. The greater the amount of fear being repressed within ones MIND the more distorted and dishonest is ones view of Life. People tend to project what they fear. So those who try to prevent others from owning guns fear guns... not rationally [although their MINDs will provide them Delusional Thinking that will cause them to "think" their objection is rational] but due to a fear of the Yang energy [male and outgoing power] of their MINDs. It is not the gun they fear, in other words, it is the symbol of power the gun generates within their MIND realms. Their MINDs, using the DM=SI focuses them upon external objects in order to prevent them from discovering that what they actually fear is hidden within themselves.

The same dynamic provides us clues for the actions of those who fear talk radio, or the military, or people riding bicycles without helmets, etc. Such individuals are what we refer to today as "Liberal" and their constant complaining is due to the fears hidden within their MIND realms, and their complaints are the means by which they "vent" the energies of fear being generated within their MIND realms by repressing their fears. Their fears are being stimulated by everything outside of themselves where people are seen enjoying their freedoms. The natural although unrecognized goal of the Liberal is to restrain and constrict every act of freedom that is seen. The Liberal loves big government because a massive and restrictive government gives the Liberal a sense of "protection". The less freedom and opportunity to act there is the more secure the Liberal is.

An intense fear of personal responsibility causes the Liberal type personality to seek groups and to fear individual iniative, or even strong opinions. Why are large, crowded cities always peopled by Liberals? Any nation that allows its Liberals to control its operations will find itself more and more constrained until that nation becomes intollerable for some of its inhabitatnts. America is today at that point of tipping, and the direction is toward fear, intollerance of freedom, and toward intense negativity.

America, when constrained and freedom is denied is no longer America. That does not mean it cannot exist as some place called America.... it just means that people will no longer want to come to this new America, because it will have become like any of the nations of Europe. Fear is the natural consequence of a denial of the Spirituality within Man. And where fear reigns chaos reigns. Deny Karma and reincarnation and one denies the Purpose of Life, and with no purpose, Man descends to the level of animals. This animal state institutes a period of survival of the fittest and in this state, the Liberal population is naturally depopulated.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

KARMA, Reincarnation, and a return to Spirituality

As a student of Spirituality and the Esoteric dimensions of Man for the last thirty-five years, I have learned a thing or two about what America knows.... and what America does not Know.

One thing Americans do not know is who and what they are? And the primary reason for this is that modern mental health [or what I prefer to refer to as "BS&bp", which stands for Behavioral Science and the oxymoron "behavioral psychology"], has been dedicated to providing Americans disinformation regarding Man for over a century. Or since the early 1900's, when a misguided but brilliant scientist named B.F. Skinner [actually it was his MIND which was protecting him from having to face the "Unknown" within himself], that is... a demand of Psychology at that time was that anyone wishing to study Psychology had to undergo a study of his/her own MIND so as to achieve an understanding of this elusive and fully Esoteric dimension hidden within Man.

Well, animal behavior trained Skinner, like most scientists, was [quite unknown to him and those scientists who also eschew the Esoteric] unaware that he was fearful of the "Unknown" hidden within his MIND realm. Since the brain is incapable of perceiving the subtle vibrational energy of the MIND [and the subtle energy of ones Spirituality as well] ones brain can never know the Esoteric dimensions within Man. Therefore, those individuals who are limited to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains for their understanding of Life are unknowingly denied or very limited in their access to the faculty of intuition from within themselves.

This last point is rather important because it is ones faculty of intuition that allows one access to ones Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding.... all elements of ones Spiritual Evolution.

The Law of Karma is an Absolute Law. That is, like death, the Law of Karma operates irrespective of whether one believes in its existence of not. Every Soul that has committed to Life, comes under the Law of Karma. It is sad that because of the fact of Reincarnation, or the fact that the Soul has unlimited lifetimes in its exploration of Creation and to achieve Union with God, that the interpretations of Christianity that Man only has one life to live..... has prevented many millions of people from awakening to the Truth of both Karma and Reincarnation.

There are of course great numbers of individuals in the West who realize the Truth of Karma and Reincarnation, and live their lives according to these truths. But the culture of a nation moves like a huge mass and its movement reflects the beliefs and fears of the majority of the population. The smaller numbers of people who may Know something the majority does not Know are not really able to alter the course of the culture..... unless some very unusual event occurs. Have we reached such an event in America?

I would of course hope we have reached such an event with the election of the socialist Obama whose views are more Marxist than socialist. But perhaps the mass has gained such momentum in its descent into the negativity of ignorance and fear that it cannot be arrested before it hits bottom? This denial of history and embrace of greed by the majority of Americans may need to cause untold suffering and hardship before the population is open to reason and Truth?

I will not perhaps be around to witness this crash of humanity replicating the awful suffering that has followed the end of other despotic nations whose denial of Spirituality plunged them into what we are just now entering. But this blog is intended to give those capable of reading what it presents an option. Another way of viewing the Purpose of Life and ones position in Creation. In the next blog I wish to explain in some detail how the Law of Karma operates.


Karma and Reincarnation.... How Karma works....

The Law of Karma was instituted by God at the time of Creation, and it is the essential Law of Creation. The Law of Karma applies to every Soul in an Absolute sense, and every Soul was required to take-on a MIND when it entered the Creation and a large part of the job of ones MIND is to insure that one adheres to the Law of Karma. Always and constantly, in every thought one has and certainly in every action one takes.

Within ones MIND are MINDLines, and these MINDLines hold all the Karma one is subject to. Each MINDLine is divided in the middle by a point of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, and this point consists of the same Energy as that of God and the Soul. The two halves represent the Yang [male, outgoing] nature of the MIND, and the Yin [female, ingoing] nature of the MIND. And each line ends in two poles, one a Yang energy pole, and the other a Yin energy pole.

For example there is a MINDLine that has as its two poles the emotions of Rage and Grief. Rage is the Yang side of the MINDLine, and Grief is the Yin side of the MINDLine. Each time one experiences a projection of rage, a marker is set upon the Yang side of that MINDLine, and this marker is set relative to the degree of intensity of rage one experiences. At the same time, a Karmic "due bill" is set upon the Yin side of this MINDLine and this represents an experiencing of rage that will be experienced as being directed at oneself at some time in the furture.... and this will come as a complete surprise, and the likelihood is that one will want to "blame" whomever it is that directs this rage at oneself.

One always has two options regarding this experience of Karma. One can Accept that it is "due" one [as it actually is], or one can resent the person presenting this rage, and this automatically creates a new Karmic "due bill" upon the Yin side of ones MINDLine. This "choice" does exist in theory.... however, it normally takes many lifetimes of experiencing this Karmic dance over and over again before one achieves a level of Spiritual Evolution where one begins to "see" the interactive nature of the Law of Karma and one is able to "own" the fact that it was oneself that first initiated this rage..... who knows how many generations ago?

This holds true for every emotion within ones MIND. Life is, as Shakespeare said, a stage upon which we all are players. And what we are playing out is our various Karma in strict accordance to the Fate Karma one broght into this life to work on. The topic of Fate Karma is one that many find difficult to accept. But it is true and it is what prevents ones MIND from running absolutely wild. Fate Karma is intimately involved with ones personality and how one behaves and how one views oneself psychologically [which means at a non-conscious level within oneself].

At the time of ones death, ones Soul [with MIND attached] is taken to a Judge, and together this Judge and ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] evaluate how well one did working through the Karma one designed for ones last life. There is nothing that can be hidden in the Astral regions of Creation so when one views ones past life, it is an open and honest appraisal of that life and ones actions and reactions. At the close of this evaluation, one then designs a new Fate Karma for ones next life. What goes into one Fate Karma are any strong attachments that are carried over from ones last life; Any new desires one wants to engage; And to fill in the rest of ones life are many "Karmic due bills" from ones store of Karma [mystics tell us that each Soul that has been in the cycle for any length of time has accumulated mountains of such stored Karma]. We are also told by these mystics that each life one lives creates much more Karma that one is capable of paying off in that life. So the store of ones Karma is constantly increasing.

Only when one realizes this in a personal and heartfelt way does one begin to imagine what the term "Grace" means! Those Souls who do eventually achieve a sufficient level of Spiritual Evolution to earn release from the cycle of birth and death must have a great deal of stored Karma forgiven if they are to leave the cycle of birth and death and journey on to their Union with God. In the East, the cycle of birth and death is referred to as the "Wheel of eighty-four". This refers to the 8 million, 4 hundred thousand species of things that a Soul can inhabit. In the West the enomity of this concept is almost too much to accept for most people.

The point of Karma that the West would be wise to consider and work with philosophically is that to view the condition of any human being as being "awful, poor, unfair, etc." is to miss a very important point. There is nothing "wrong" with making a person's experience of life a bit easier.... maybe? But a saying that has stuck with me throughout my life is this: To the degree we help someone we rob that person of the right of helping him/herself. Who among us is capable of "Knowing" the Fate Karma of another? Who among us is capable of knowing what another "needs" to experience in this life in order to gain another rung on the "Ladder of Life"?

I use the phrase "Ladder of Life" to refer to an image of a huge step ladder upon which all Souls are perched. The lower rungs of which are quite wide so as to accomodate all the Souls that are perched upon them. The only way a Soul ascends these rungs is by "completing Karma". Not merely doing Karma, but actually completing Karma, and this is not easy to do and actually involves a host of Esoteric phenomena operating cooperatively within oneself. I coined a term for this phenomenon that is:" Esotransmutation" refers to the process by which the Soul of Man is helped by the Esoteric dimensions within Man to fulfill the "Purpose of Life".... which is to fully explore and experience the entire Creation.

In doing Karma over many, many lifetimes, a Soul "learns" the experiential lesson that every action one takes brings to one the same action. In the Bible, this is referred to as "sowing and reaping". When a Soul is capable of owning and accepting personal responsiblity for the experiences of Life, that Soul begins to "complete Karma" and this completion is converted into Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding by the Esotransmutation taking place withinb oneself. This Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding is tranferred to ones Apapsyche, and it can then be accessed via ones intuition.

Understandably the rung upon which the Soul thus capable of accessing this Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding has also reached a level of relative Reality that has taught this Soul to keep what it has discovered pretty much to itself. And to help insure that this Esoteric Knowledge remains "hidden" to others, built into the Esoteric is an inability for it to be perceived by ones brain or ones MIND. That is, the Spirituality of Knowledge is a vibrational Reality that is only capable of being peceived by the intuition faculty of ones Apapsyche, and thus although one can "think" that because one knows the word MIND, one knows what the MIND is, one does not. To Know ones MIND, one must "experience" it from within ones own MIND realm, and what one discovers is for oneself alone. Nothing of what one discovers of ones MIND can be shared cognitively with another. The same holds true for what one discovers of ones Spirituality. What one discovers is what one Knows, but this is for oneself alone. This is the true meaning of the term "Esoteric".

In the next blog, I believe I would enjoy introducing the reader to the MIND realm, and to how it operates.... at levels of which precious few are aware.